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Ian Sound - Wiggity Wack

The track Wiggity Wack was released on a good known Italian label Lapsus Music in the Miami Sampler.

The owners of the label are Supernova, In 2009 they started their own label that is now considered one of the most interesting project inside the underground independent labels world scene with support from many big names and showcases across the world.

The track from Ian was supported and played on London Music Radio


Ian Sound first began to appear in the Maribor music scene at the young age of 15, when he acquainted himself with old school UK garage and House, Tech House music. Being full of confidence and ripe with fresh ideas, he began his musical journey in his hometown of Maribor, where he quickly made a name for himself, reaching for the top and in the process, he managed to book himself at some of the city’s top concerts and events.


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